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We Have A Mission

Coaches Choice Hockey Group is 100% committed to you, your family and your development not only as a player but also as a person. Our primary goal is to help you transition to the next level, whether it be in youth hockey, high school, juniors, college, or a professional league. As players who went through the process, we know that every stepping stone is crucial in order to reach new heights. Through greater efficiency and exposure, we intend to change the model of off-season hockey to ensure a more organized structure. We will give all players the best opportunities to showcase talent and achieve their goals. Our foundation is built upon developing strong relationships with players and their families, while always keeping a team mentality in mind.

The Recruiting Process

Coaches Choice Hockey Group takes great pride in putting together ELITE AAA & Junior teams for every event we attend. To create the best teams possible, Coaches Choice Hockey Group deploys recruiters to watch players from all around the world. In conjunction with in-person recruiting, Coaches Choice Hockey Group also welcomes players to reach out if they are interested in being recruited. If you are interested in being recruited to play for Coaches Choice Hockey Group, please fill out our player application.