AJ Riccardi- Director of Player Personnel AJ@cchockeygroup.com

September 22, 2018

AJ Ricciardi

Director of Player Personnel

Regardless of what brought you here, it is evident that you are beginning a new stage in your career and I am thrilled to help you take your game to the next level. Some of my earliest memories have been in the rink, leading the game to become an integral part of my daily routine. In the midst of my junior hockey experience with the New Jersey WildCats and East Coast Eagles, I had the opportunity to play on Team Jersey in 2013. While maintaining a structured practice schedule, I began devoting my time toward coaching other players. There was essentially no “off season”. I wanted to be around the game as much as possible, improving my own skills by mentoring others.


I became an instructor at Prime Time Hockey Inc., where I coached both young men and women at all different levels to help develop their hockey skills. Working with a wide range of players diversified my experience by managing the specific needs of each age group, while still uniting them as a whole. I continued to pursue coaching as an instructor at Laura Stamm Power Skating under Angelo Serse and Bill Horn goalie school. I also spent a lot of time working closely with young kids to instill crucial life skills at an early level, while encouraging a comfortable environment. Being a defensive coach for the East Coast Eagles squirt and peewee AA teams was eye opening. It all starts at a young age and it is amazing to see that desire to improve flourish in the early years. I also became a scout for the East Coast Eagles, delving into the world of hockey from yet again, a different angle. Over the years, I have developed a keen sense of hockey IQ, which has allowed me to assist with player development. I believe that you should always be a student of the game and I am always seeking ways to develop. It has been a learning experience, but most of all, hockey has been a source of adventure and self discovery.


For the past 18 years, hockey has changed my life. So, when I injured in early 2015, I felt that a part of me was missing. Seeking a hands on approach, I wanted to find a way to stay passionate about the game. My dedication as a player lead me to become a full time mentor and coach while attending New York University. Knowing how much this sport has molded me, there is nothing more fulfilling than watching others experience that same feeling. And so, my outlook evolved, spending countless time looking at the game from a different perspective. I utilized my time examining off season programs in order to evaluate areas of improvement. It became evident that summer hockey and off season training have become profit driven, lacking a sufficient foundation. Some people don’t realize just how much the game has changed since its initial development in the 1800s. Rules and regulations have been altered each year, rendering older methods inadequate. I wish to instill an effective combination of attention to detail and contemporary methods to ensure solid mechanics and hockey IQ. With a player-comes-first mentality, I intend to share the knowledge that I have acquired over my hockey career from the perspective of a player, coach, and teammate. I truly believe that as someone who is closer in age to youth and junior players, I have the ability to relate and mentor them from a completely different angle. My objective is not to take over, but instead, I see it as a mutual goal, in which I will work tirelessly to help a player achieve until they have reached new heights in their career.