Player Guidance


At CCHG we take all of our players and parents concerns very seriously. Our player and parent guidance service is 100% free to all of our players. CCHG wants to give all of our players the opportunity to meet their goals and in doing so, we would love to help you along the way. As many players and parents may already know, the hockey world can be very confusing. You may find yourself asking; what is my next move? Do I go to prep school or play juniors? If I play juniors, do I take time off or go to school? Is it worth being on a team if I am not going to play a lot, even if the team is really good? Is this coach telling me what I want to hear or is he being serious about my potential role on the team? CCHG is here to give you full support on making those hard decisions. Moreover, for all players that are second-year Bantams and older, we will be sending you a player profile and goals sheet. As you approach the midget level it is time to get more serious about hockey and the information you provide will help us help you strive towards these goals. CCHG wants to ensure that you are prepared and have every opportunity to be seen by prep schools, junior programs, and colleges as much as possible when playing with us. For our first year Bantams and younger players, CCHG would like to be there every step of the way to make sure that you are doing your very best to better your skills as this a major developing period for hockey players. CCHG will stop at nothing to ensure that all of the players are given the opportunity to succeed on and off the ice!!