Daniyal Dzhaniyev - 02' Brooklyn, N.Y. - NTDP u17 - Committed to Penn State

"Coaches Choice Hockey Group is truly a unique experience. There is definitely a difference between CCHG and all of the other spring/ summer programs out there. When I first started playing spring/summer hockey with them; honestly, I did not know what I was getting myself into. However, once I met the coaching staff for the first time, and heard my first pre-game speech from them, everything changed. CCHG has been able to help me advance my game to the next level by correcting my play after shifts during games, as well as giving quality advice off the ice and much more. Also, I really enjoy the tournaments that CCHG attends as they are highly scouted and great for exposure. Plus, the teams that CCHG puts together are filled with highly talented players which leads us to win a lot of tournaments which is really exciting. By playing for CCHG, I have been able to get my name out there to various scouts showcasing my talents in front of prep schools, juniors, and NCAA schools. If you are a serious hockey player looking to make the jump to the next level like I was, but also like to have a lot of fun playing, I highly recommend playing for CCHG in spring/summer!"


 Peter LaJoy -  02' Evergreen, Colorado - Shattuck St. Mary's

"CCHG is the best spring /summer team I have ever played for! In spring/summer tournaments, you never know who you will play with. Most times you get to a tournament, and the team is subpar at best. From the start, I knew this team was going to be a really talented one. From the great coaching to the excellent players that I was able to play alongside, I was able to speak with NCAA D1 coaches during the tournament. For serious hockey players, if you want to play for a program that cares about you, CCHG is definitely it." 


Nick Golis - 02' - New Hartford, N.Y. - Rice Memorial Prep

"My favorite part of playing for Coaches Choice Hockey Group is the people I have met and the friends I have made that I will have forever. Everybody in this organization is professional which allowed me to grow as a person and a player on and off the ice.  I believe the difference between Coaches Choice and other spring teams is that you get the winning experience within a mix of the laid-back, yet serious hockey which makes it fun; the way hockey should be. The experiences you get with this organization will help to get you prepared for the upcoming season!"


Wendy & Jim Cates - Jamie Cates - 00' - Anaheim, CA - Tilton School

"Our son, Jamie, played in his first tournament with Coaches Choice this past summer in the Senior Chowder Cup.  We could not have been happier!  We felt this was one of the most organized and well-structured tournament teams our son has played on in a long time.  We were very excited about the coaching as well as the talented players brought together.  The team did exceptionally well, exceeding expectations!  We highly recommend this program, as it was a fantastic experience for our son, had coaches he loved, provided talented players and was very organized.  Thank you again, and we hope for our son to play with Coaches Choice in the future."


Ed LaJoy - Peter LaJoy - 02' - Evergreen, CO - Shattuck St. Mary's

"Our experience with Coaches Choice was excellent! My son has played for a number of different Spring / Summer teams and this was by far the best run organization we have played for. Top-notch recruiting and Top-notch coaching. Plus, there was constant communication from the coaches. Nothing was missed in preparation for the tournament. Honestly, AJ and Nick did a great job in organizing and executing for this event. Peter said it was the best organization he has ever played for. I would definitely recommend Coaches Choice to other hockey parents and players, especially if your goal is to get better and  to WIN!"


Aaron Eberhardt - 02' - Naperville, IL - Shattuck St. Mary's

"The best part about playing for Coaches Choice Hockey Group for me is the atmosphere of the team, as well as the competition. Coaches Choice teams are always contending for a Tournament Championship title. Coach Nick and AJ are serious about winning, but love to make the game enjoyable and connect with their players. They really take an interest into every player. Over the last couple of years, I have made some great friends and teammates through Coaches Choice. I would recommend Coaches Choice Hockey Group to any player because they remind the players why they love the great game of hockey."


Sean Carter - Tyler Carter - 02' Sewell, NJ - Philadelphia Hockey Club

"My experience with Coaches Choice as a parent has been nothing but positive. Each one of the staff members has played hockey at a high level and there is NO parent coaching. The biggest difference between Coaches Choice and other programs is that they actually care about every player! The level of attention/ instruction your son will get on and off the ice, from squirts to Juniors, is unmatched. A lot of summer programs have one coach on the bench just rolling through the lines. The CCHG coaches are coaching after every shift, every period, and before and after games, and they have 2-3 coaches on the bench at all times. Yet, my biggest surprise was their recruiting ability. My son is a 16U player and the talent that he has been able to play alongside has been extraordinary; watching him play with D1 college commits has been an awesome experience for him. Plus, the friends he has made over the past two years is overwhelming. From day one with coaches choice the goal was to make my son a better hockey player; that is exactly what happened. If you are a parent looking for a spring/summer home for your son, Coaches Choice is the place to be."