Peter LaJoy

02′ Evergreen, Colorado / Wichita Falls Warriors / University of Denver

“CCHG is the best spring /summer team I have ever played for! In spring/summer tournaments, you never know who you will play with. Most times you get to a tournament, and the team is subpar at best. From the start, I knew this team was going to be a really talented one. From the great coaching to the excellent players that I was able to play alongside, I was able to speak with NCAA D1 coaches during the tournament. For serious hockey players, if you want to play for a program that cares about you, CCHG is definitely it.” 

From Ed LaJoy | Father

“Our experience with Coaches Choice was excellent! My son has played for a number of different Spring / Summer teams and this was by far the best run organization we have played for. Top-notch recruiting and Top-notch coaching. Plus, there was constant communication from the coaches. Nothing was missed in preparation for the tournament. Honestly, AJ and Nick did a great job in organizing and executing for this event. Peter said it was the best organization he has ever played for. I would definitely recommend Coaches Choice to other hockey parents and players, especially if your goal is to get better and  to WIN!”


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